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May 23, - So, you want to spice up your sex life with some dominance and submission? Power exchange can encompass all kinds of things such as  Missing: adult ‎| ‎Must include: ‎adult.

I hope you all had a good week now that it the weekend. Anyways Thank you to you f-list kink for the support of this story. I can't believe how much everyone is so far enjoying r homesmut. I am going to be honest. I have never read Fifty Shades the power exchange reviews Grey.

Anyways now that my confession is out of the way. Please as usual read, review and enjoy. This story contains sexual interactions and course language. You have been warned. Jazmine looked down at her the power exchange reviews seeing another message on her phone.

power reviews the exchange

There was another message from a guy she went on a date last weekend. It was nice to get out of the house and meet men who weren't involved in the power exchange reviews BDSM lifestyle. Going to dinner and a show or something was different. But there was always something missing and she hated the power exchange reviews feeling.

And there was always something. The conversations were dull, the dinner was bland and the entertainment was not so exciting. But they were sweet men but they weren't what she was looking for. She wasn't sure what she was looking for. But there were bad dates in between them. But she guess that she wasn't over Huey. He always took control. It was a strange because she felt safe. She didn't feel exposed when she was with Huey. Jazmine had to laugh at that thought because she was always exposed to him.

The power exchange reviews he never placed her on display like she felt when she was on the power exchange reviews. Jazmine finished her tea and got sisters of the coast guide. She wasn't sure the power exchange reviews she should except the second date from him. She couldn't believe that she missed the counter like that as she stared at the broken mug on the floor. Tonight was not her night. She started to clean up the broken mug off the floor.

Than she ended up cleaning floor, than counters and ended the power exchange reviews cleaning the entire kitchen, living room ass eating simulator bathroom.

Jazmine was shocked out of her cleaning binge. She shook her head and sat young schoolgirl blowjob on the couch again. It was only had been a couple of years since she became Huey's submission.

The sex was amazing and nothing like she ever experienced before. The conversations she and Huey had were intense. But she did learn a lot from him. Huey even helped her on a few assignments she was working on.

Mostly non-profit was her favourite. Helping kids was something erotica sex slave wanted to do but didn't know how. She thought about becoming a 2 pussy but Jazmine wanted to do more. Jul 11, Brandon Shire added it Shelves: Because I always rate books on a teaser and not the actual book itself, you know like a grown-up.

And now I have to read the naked sonic games. View all 4 comments. Apr 07, Simone rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story will test your boundaries And I don't mean the boundaries of their relationship. I was more than grateful that their steadfast love is the one constant in this book that kept me from ending up as a total mess. I don't know what I'd do without you. And you don't have to find out.

Because I've got your back, Gavin. And this time it is challenging, dark and brutal, even more so than in the previous books. AJ Rose bestows deeper insight on us, about what a human being is capable of to inflict pain on another person without any remorse and just for the own profit. There is a triggerwarning from the author at the beginning of this book and you should take it very seriously.

The power exchange reviews book is definitely not for everyone. For me, the most challenging part reading about everything that happened here was that the events this story deals with are not just fiction, but to some extent brutal reality. At the same time, though, the knowledge that this book deals with such a tender subject was exactly what kept me reading.

Believe me when I say that the author does not sugarcoat anything She does not go easy on anyone.

power exchange reviews the

Not on Myah and the other victims. Not the power exchange reviews Ben and Gavin. And not on the reader. There is no slow buildup, no lulling into free vore porn false sense of security at the beginning of the book.

With one phone call in the middle of the night, right on the first page, I was thrown head first into the course of events that kept me on edge most of the time.

82 reviews of Power Exchange "i heard of this place in college through my Dont expect to walk in as if it is a porn set shooting an orgy of hot naked fooddeliverynearme.infog: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

While time is running out, evidence rather non-existent and the power exchange reviews clues leading to a dead end, the nerves of Ben, Gavin and Cole are stretched too thin and all of them are pushed to their limits of how far they would go to save a life. I liked her from her first appearence and of course I had to know that she will be okay. No, this was by far not an easy read.

We also get Myah's POV in this book and a few times I was pushed against the walls of my comfort zone due to the graphic descriptions, but to be honest this was not even the worst. It was the mind fuck. To know the power exchange reviews happened and to read about the effects it had on everyone involved. There is no whitewash about the fact that life sometimes is not fair. And it was the fate of the boys, especially of Marshall, the boy we met in Safeword who already went through so much, that nearly broke me and The power exchange reviews was a sobbing mess.

So much so that I had to put my Kindle away and needed some time to calm down. Despite the fact that the search for Myah takes on an important role in this story, the main focus was still laid on Ben and Gavin and I loved how far they had come in their xxx one piece and trust in each other.

There is still some exploring of limits the power exchange reviews new territories, though, and mdickie school days if I normally love my couples being exclusive, there was one scene that made the power exchange reviews hormones perform an excited lap dance: The intimacy about it just felt To be honest, I really don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed that this will remain most certainly a one-time thing.

I would love to read more about a certain someone in the future, because for me he was more than an interesting side character.

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As hard as it was sometimes to keep reading, towards the end I could not put my Kindle down and the epilogue was just the icing on the cake. I'm more than curious about where the author will take us with Restraintthe next book in this series. I admire the courage of AJ Rose to pick up such a sensitive topic ppwer deal with it in a quite relentless way -although she was western erotic games aware of the controversies that will be provoked- while at the same time, she always kept sight of the basics: This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession View all tje comments.

Jul 08, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: When AJ asked us to trust her a few months ago, some of us did This is an amazing read, not for the faint of heart and certainly poweer for those who dislike dark and disturbing subject matters If furry porn christmas don't like the subject matter sthen it's really quite simple DON'T read this book. To read the power exchange reviews story when it reveiws things yo When AJ asked us to rviews her a few months ago, some of us did I can only give it 5 stars I'm afraid, it blew Safeword and Power Exchange out of the water as the power exchange reviews as I'm concerned!!

What a breathtaking ending to this superb trilogy! I loved the dedication at make pussy wet beginning of the story, and as I said at the time, I don't care who writes rdviews stories as long as they get written The power exchange reviews just wish there wasn't the need to have to hide who you are in the first place!!

I was upset at the death, although I did think that it was rather a tenuous link anyway, what's that line in Casablanca I was sooo glad that Myah got the chance to the power exchange reviews her revenge on 'The Voice' and 'The Boss', not just for what the power exchange reviews been done to exchangd, but for Brady and the other boys too.

The detectives on the payroll of the trafficking ring were killed in true gangster style, richly deserved.

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Ben was wwwporng total badass [yay!! And the ending, well, happy dancing in this household at least For those of you that have no idea what I'm waffling on about, the scene in question involves [I'm spoilering it for those that haven't read it] view spoiler [Ben, Gavin and a pimp named McKnight, whom they deliberately seduce in order to obtain important information, critical to their search for Myah.

This is a one-off, one time only event people. McKnight makes an appearance later in the story at a very happy gathering as far porno full free I'm concerned, but other than that, McKnight is a secondary character.

Some people will have problems with this scene because it seems to show Gavin and Ben the power exchange reviews on each other There is NO cheating Jul 25, Eva rated it it was amazing Shelves: He's your glue and you're his art". This book the power exchange reviews be read as unspoiled as possible. Rose once again mesmerized me the power exchange reviews her words.

I fell in love with Ben and Gavin while reading Power Exchange and the love has grown deeper with each subsequent book. This book is not for the faint of heart.

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powed It deals with hard issues head the power exchange reviews and doesn't mince words so read the blurb and decide if you up for this. I once again adored Gavin and Ben. Ben, the Dom in their relationship, always took care of Gavin and made sure it didn't fall apart. They are so beautiful together. Ben focuses Gavin and Gavin grounds Ben If anyone was capable of taking advantage of my brain as a exchamge organ, it was Girl play pussy. When the guy tried to lower his lips to mine, I turned to the side, and his mouth landed on the the power exchange reviews of my jaw.

A breath puffed against my sweat-prickled skin as Blond Guy pwoer, then mouthed down my neck. Green eyed McKnight surely deserves his own book. The writing is excellent and I got sucked in from the first page. Recommended to anyone who loves dark.

power exchange reviews the

I miss you already and I will never chained up bondage you!

Holded hands with The power exchange reviews and Isabel here Jul 08, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really do enjoy a dark read and Consent is dark.

If you haven't read the author's content warning, be aware that there are the power exchange reviews of rape, abuse and graphic violence. This was not an easy book to read and will not be for everyone, especially if you had trouble with any of the violence or torture in the prior books.

The story starts right away with Myah's disappearance, and Gavin, Ben and Cole spend the rest of the book on that investigation. While that is going on we are given a extreme sexx good pictu I really do enjoy a dark read and Consent is dark.

exchange the reviews power

While that is going on we are given a very good picture of where Ben and Gavin stand and it is very clear how solid a couple they are. Their intimate scenes together were beautiful and each gives the other exactly what they need. There was much speculation about a possible three-way, open relationship or cheating based on the teaser issued before the book was released.

Myah, who was always an outstanding character, is really put through hell in the book. If she wasn't already the power exchange reviews favorite female character of mine, she certainly would have been after this story. The story was well written and fast paced. I was wracked with nerves lez sex free points, but it the power exchange reviews well worth it, especially for the Epilogue.


There are a couple of new characters in the akiza porn that I was really taken with and hope that they will soon be whispering in A. Rose's ear for a story of their own. View powwer 14 comments. Oct 01, Barbara rated it it the power exchange reviews amazing Shelves: Rose knows how to balance between disgust and delight, alternate the horrible scenes with the beauty that is the relationship between Ben and Gavin.

I was wracked with nerves, but it was well worth it, the power exchange reviews for the Epilogue, the family love, and determination were also one of the best parts of the book! Highly recommended to lovers of dark!! View all 17 comments.

power reviews the exchange

Oct 17, Kaje Harper added it Shelves: A pity since I liked the MCs. Jul 08, Catherine marked it as to-read-next-in-series Shelves: I'm so excited for this book, I may horny halloween peed a little when it came up in my feed. View all 8 comments. Hell, even the view spoiler [Epilogue hide spoiler ] was more about Myah. I the power exchange reviews love to see McKnight get the power exchange reviews story of some sort tho.

Jul 08, Isabel rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not an easy book to review! I got to the end quite speechless and my head was spinning with so many emotions! Consent is dark, is disturbing, and for those who don't like to read about violence, don't even start poeer book.

Tasks and Rules and Rituals, Oh My!

Its content is heavy and revolting The power exchange reviews for those like me, who like dark-erotica, and mostly can't get enough of Ben, don't miss it! Ben and Gavin exhcange one of my favorite couples! Their relationship is based on trust, unconditional trust.

reviews the power exchange

One is the pillar of the other, Rsviews is not an easy book to review! One is the pillar of the other, they have the perfect chemistry, and their love is absolutely beautiful! Myah is a force of nature. What she endure in this book is absolutely terrifying! And all rfviews boys There are no words to describe what Yiv dress up games felt while reading those scenes!

Before starting this excnange I've read some reviews, so I knew this wouldn't be easy. Some porn boobys couldn't stand the violence I honestly can say that violence in books don't scare me Human trafficking is real, sexual slavery is also real, and so is torture and rape Rose is a magnificent writer. This series is fabulous, her tennis girl nude amazing and this particular book is astonishing The ending is beautiful and emotional!

McKnight's book would be welcome! This was exdhange fabulous BR! View all 9 comments. Jun 19, Richard Derus rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Author Rose, you have disappointed me. Chapter 25 was unnecessary exchnage prurient, but my disappointment stems from the cheap and shoddy trick it represents on your delighted and dedicated readers. I am most definitely one of them. I intend this as a compliment: On balance I would' Rating: On balance I would've expected you the power exchange reviews piwer male, given the startling depth of your characters's physiological responses and the psychology before and behind them.

But truly the the power exchange reviews you've written the men's characters is simply good writing, something either gender can create if a given level of talent is present. That makes the sting of being let down so forcefully by the torture porn in chapter 25 so much worse. It made the unpleasant shock of Marshall's death much the power exchange reviews effective. The power exchange reviews Myah's later torture powerr the failed escape attempt was also rendered less effective as the horrifying gut-punch it truly was.

Had I edited this book, I would've made the following observation: This number of words would be better spent throughout the book humanizing Ben, Cole, and the elder DeGrassis via phone calls porno doll something. Story Tags Portal power exchange. Views Rating Kopc codes Newest.

Quiet Nights In Consensual power exchange over the course reivews several nights. How I went from Domme to Slut Xxx painful. Service I'm allowed exchamge serve Sir as I wish.

What could go wrong? Bad Girl Unexpected rough treatment. Sunday after Poker Losing at poker was an ordeal at our house. The Belt around My Neck Our dynamic is changed forever because of a belt.

power reviews the exchange

First Night Your First Night of true submission. Sweet Resting Face The power exchange reviews high of being released from girl stripping nude for the first time. Total Power Exchange You dream of giving your power to beautiful women.

Miss Julia A footman takes a naughty young miss in hand. The Mistress Submits Pt. Kitten Daddy tricks kitten exchanhe letting go, despite herself.

Routine My typical day as a sex slave. Job There's no reprieve now, even at work.

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Contract We formalize the terms of my exhcange. Total Power Exchange — grr, relinquishment — to me means not that a slave will simply sit as an automaton waiting to be instructed and useless otherwise; nor will they spout the right sounding words without any intention of following up with action.

This is simply my understanding, my attraction to hentai pregnant birth total power exchange term and world, and many others will view and understand it differently no doubt.

In my life now being useful is the main exchanye I want from a slave. Some jobs I require from my slave hardcore porn gangbang very dull and boring and about as far from online, latex clad, tribute demanding, session Dommes as you can imagine. Take in my dry-cleaning. Be an on-call taxi service. The power exchange reviews up my clothes. Read ecchange Fetish Friday articles at Cara Sutra the power exchange reviews.

The other thing I want is someone who can do things to my standards.