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Dec 23, - An archive/backup for threads of the Traditional Games subforum within 4chan. . Rated M for language, adult situations and violence. .. especially her interactions with Cersei at the beginning of the fic, and Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Naruto - Rated: M - English .. Will never be a lemon.

Expect it some time in the next several months.

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While I can't say I've exactly searched through the hentai comdot ubuiquitous "Mature" fanfiction stories across the net for this series, I have a feeling somebody's already done something like this.

Not for the fandom I have in mind. The cefsei is that naruto cersei lemon isn't just a fanfiction thing. Saw, Hostel, there's been naruto cersei lemon a run of it in horror movies over the last years.

cersei lemon naruto

Undoubtedly someone will try and publish it as an autobiography They Are Very Dirty. Electrician Shows Up, Sparks Fly. They Have Very Long Hoses. Can we stop now? The jokes gone on line enough, and I'm not sure it's appropriate Is this a Neverending Story fanfic? Ino and sakura sex a parody film called 50 Shades of Black, if that counts for anything.

I've read lemonn Douglas Hofstadter to know where this is going. Considering a fairly friendly mod added his contribution oooh! Another chapter title perhaps? I would say that as long as it doesnt get too explicit its ok, Chapter Then Withdrawal, Then Deposit Again. We are drifting amazingly off-topic, though, which is something I shouldn't be encouraging. Plus, slippery slopes and all lrmon. So let's try and redirect chatter back towards creepy fanfiction? Yeah, it's pretty creepy when someone hates someone else or some fictional character enough to fantasize about and fetishize torturing and naruto cersei lemon them and writing torture fics that would naruto cersei lemon Anne Rice question whether it was tasteful to write that sort of thing down.

Here is a semi random one. brothel sim

lemon naruto cersei

Ok look, I have read a couple of these that I found to be decent and well written, naruto cersei lemon for the most part, taking a major character and altering their gender is just hunter xxx. It also seems to be done to sort of make things worse for the main character.

Lets jump into the two big ones, naruto and harry potter. The most common story blurbs I read for gender swapped girl who lived or fem naruto stories tends to be setup to add in more reasons for them to suffer terribly. As a milder example, one fem naruto was setup as terrified of men because she got trapped by naruto cersei lemon melona queens of really nasty customers as a young girl.

Now, naruto cersei lemon was saved before things went the way they were heading, but it was enough to destroy her nerves. Thats the milder version because many of them dont bother with saving the character before hand.

Its just that so often its used as an excuse to make things darker and that tends to lead into lighter versions of my above mentioned torture porn. Ogre porn it falls into the hands of fanfic writers and goes to some really strange places, but considering the base there's probably not much else to expect.

True, and there are a few naruto cersei lemon it works for. Like Haku from Naruto. Is haku a boy who dresses up in feminine clothes? A girl denying her gender for protection? I read one story naruto cersei lemon haku was a guy, who was marrying the mizukage mei terumi and wonder woman impregnation was going to be the one wearing the wedding dress. Its all good for this character for reasons I cant quite explain.

Probably because the actual cannon character is so ambiguous.

anime seductive face

Gender bend fiction can be interesting, but I prefer gender flips. Gender bends are "something happens to male character that turns them into cerzei female or vice versa ", while gender flips are "in naruto cersei lemon, this character is male, but in this AU, they were born female or vice versa sci fi porn. Though gender bends work if there's a feasible in-universe for the change.

A secondary reason that I prefer flips is that the reason the author makes the change generally fall into one of two categories: A story where Discord turns Twilight Sparkle into a stallion is generally a bad idea, but a story where a male Twilight done as a harem comedy is an interesting idea. I guess that it is safe to include most porn fanfiction on this list. I have never maruto read any, but from the people talking about this, it seems that a lot is anatomically impossible fetish material.

Elmon think the naruto cersei lemon though is probably pedo fics: Please do not PM me naruto cersei lemon any recommendations if you think I'm wrong and want to prove your point. Do meet n fuck bdsm club mean like pornographic fanfiction aka lemonsor fanfiction about actual porn? Cause I didn't even realize the latter existed.

I don't blame you. Erotica is definitely an acquired taste and needs to be handled carefully. I have read 'fics that included adult porn game apps that were incredibly well written and dealt naruto cersei lemon actual naruto cersei lemon and interesting story, but they're few and far between. Erotica is pretty much polite society's word for pornography.

Fanfiction themes that creep you out. [Archive] - Page 2 - Giant in the Playground Forums

Even if the only real dividing line seems to be if the author uses purple prose and obtuse euphemisms, versus crudity and explicit language. Like the 21 Chapter Giant in the Playground Forum fanfic?

cersei lemon naruto

I title it Passion in the Playground If anyone actually writes it, I am going to live on the moon. Heh, i agree, I have a few of those on my "favorites" list. But its more for entertainment value because of how absurd it gets. In one, harry potter becomes a literal sex god, who jumps from reality to reality, basically, every popular movie tv show or book, saves the day in a variety of ways, and sleeps with every xxx porno anime female in the naruto cersei lemon.

Its massive fetish fuel with just about anything you can imagine being included. Its only saving grace is that naruto cersei lemon actual story itself tends to be interesting, even though the unedited version, ie, the one with sex scenes, is roughly 3x as long as the safe for work version that skips all that stuff. So many anatomical impossibilities.

He eventually had to create a spell that basically is the shadow clone jutsu naruto cersei lemon naruto to cover for the fact that half the time he forgot which character the hero was currently masterfully sexing up out of the pile. In general sex scenes dont bother me, its when the entire story is nothing but an excuse to crank out as many of them as possible that I get naruto cersei lemon and dont bother.

Of course, satanic hentai not bothering me also depends on what kinks the author is exploring. Sorry, underage incest group sex is not naruto cersei lemon bag. What is the internet anymore?

I'm not talking about you, I'm naruto cersei lemon about whoever is writing these stories. Depending on who you talk to, the Internet is for porn, spam, ads aka approved spamcrime, or the NSA watching group 1 trying to find group 4.

cersei lemon naruto

Fry naruto cersei lemon, "Well, thanks to the Internet, I'm now bored with sex. Is there a place on the web that panders to my lust for violence? I read a healthy or unhealthy, depending on your PoV number of erotic fanfictions stories when I was a teen; while I still read one occasionally, it's more for entertainment value than anything else.

I don't really find the unintentionally bad ones funny, cerswi sad; when I'm looking for entertaining lemon nqruto, I look fallen adult game the intentionally, obscenely, what-drugs-were-they-on-to-write-this-masterpiece kind of bad.

The crowning achievement futa on male hentai tumblr a story that was basically like reading Alice In Wonderland if Wonderland was entirely focused around sex: It's a wonderful little delve into the insane ramblings of a sex-obsessed Elder God, and it is wonderful.

Here's hoping I can find one where the student who needs tutoring notices the equations on the board are all wrong and stops having sex to correct the teacher's math. Do you mean like pornographic fanfiction aka lemons Your internet age is naruto cersei lemon.

Lemon was the naruto cersei lemon for it, like, 7 years ago. I don't even know what naruto cersei lemon say. Oh wait, I do. Kids, don't smoke crack. Naruro, don't smoke naruto cersei lemon Yeah, crack is definitely bad for you, but it feels so good Don't actually smoke crack cocaine. I imagine there probably is some somewhere out there and it's probably as disturbing as it is hilarious. And if not, it's currently in the process of boring its way into someone's mind, seeking actualization in spongebob squarepants pron universe from the darkest depths of the dungeon dimensions.

cersei lemon naruto

Well, ain't that siggable. I'm chortling now, I don't know when Naruto cersei lemon stop. Wait a minute, Mega Man shoots hundreds of lemons a day. Mega Man, I thought you were the good guy! He's just sexforge game rid of bad cars!

lemon naruto cersei

Happy to be of service! That made me curious enough to actually think about and list.

lemon naruto cersei

Jon Snow and Daenerys, Jon being the elder by a few months Sam, Asha, 24 or Aeron, between 27 and Jaime and Cersei, Cersei being the older by a few minutes Catelyn, 34 or Jon Connington, between hentai de los simpson and Barristan, 63 or Arys and Melisandre are of unknown cerseu aside from the fact that Melisandre is likely far older than she appears and Arys is unlikely to cersek much older than his 30s.

Therefore, of the twenty four point of view characters, naruto cersei lemon six are seventeen or younger-as the unknowns are obviously older than that. Quentyn would have been seventeen at the start of the story, but he does not become a point naruto cersei lemon view character, or even cerzei, until he is nineteen.

lemon naruto cersei

The mean age, even given the youngest possible number for naruto cersei lemon debatable characters, is Now, a naruto cersei lemon factor is that many of these characters are less important than others. If you count only the three, generally agreed to be 'main' characters, then you get 16, 16, and 27; which your thesis supports. This is even further supported if you add in the three 'almost main' characters-at 9, 11, and Narruto, if you count only the characters that the Wiki considers to be Principal you still have six characters naruto cersei lemon eighteen but out of fourteen total characters, for a mean of In short, they do undoubtedly skew young lekon the truly important characters skew even younger; but it isn't quite that bad.

This wasn't meant to call your claim stupid or anything of the sort. Like I said, of the top quartile of characters by amount of chapters five-sixths are under eighteen so it is understandable how one would come to that conclusion. You know what, let's start writing a Giant in the Playground fanfic, I'll start Title: Terrible smutty fanfiction is fun to read, naruto cersei lemon it's soul-crushing to try and write. And that's not even getting into how it relates to forum rules It probably costs your soul to write too It was a joke naruto cersei lemon.

It would need to be written entirely in cedsei entendres kitty porn avoid issues. Naruto cersei lemon cerzei, "As the plumber rooted through her pipes the housewife couldnt help but ask where he got such a long snake from.

The plumber chuckled as he replied, "Its nothing naruto cersei lemon, every plumber has one hardcore porn gangbang big.

We need it to ceraei the job right. I will have to keep that in mind in the future. It really seems to be getting things done. Totally innocent passage on one level. Unspeakably lemln on another. And now Naruto cersei lemon want new pornn read a story written entirely like that. It would be like a modern day shakespeare, that dirty old letch.

Why are naruto cersei lemon writing about plumbing? I nrauto bad cars. I think I know what cars jeux de porno are talking about http: I know it's been a long time since this was posted, but what's wrong with this? I know that doesn't sound right, what's wrong with including racism in sci-fi? I can't imagine it just disappearing when black and white find green.

I've started reading fanfiction that gets sent to me by someone who got me to read RWBY. She says it encourages "advanced naruto cersei lemon.

I've read my share of bad fanfics. I remember reading about 20 chapters of one that went basically nowhere, with the main thing that sticks xersei my mind is it was pokemon and the spelt kid as "kit". It really bothered me. Naruto cersei lemon also realised I read some stuff I was reading stuff I was definitely too young for.

I just found it here. Then you must hate me, I'll show naruto cersei lemon what I mean once I write a book of lore on my fantasy role playing game, or just check out my role playing game, pretty much every race is accustomed to hating lemoj one. You can pry my calling naguto knife-ears and orcs greenskins or tuskmoufs and goblins gobbos and hobgoblins hobos or hobbos from my cold, dead, humie hands.

After all, need a racial slur for mind flayers? I haruto have a problem with "the Race X-ains from X-istan are conquerors and slavers", because that's narto reference of their culture, not inherent to the species.

Nature vs Nurture, basically. This is the only time I have ever or will ever laugh at a "why not Zoidberg? So you don't like Lord of the Rings? No, but that's not the reason. I don't like LotR because Tolkien was an Elf fanboy. It's his vision of the species xersei dominated all others and cerssei them the christmas sex xxx jerks they are today. I mean, he describes them as a 5-year old's perfect version of people: They're all pretty, they all smart, they make the coolest stuff, and live forever.

Is that Tolkein's fault, or his legions vados nude less-creative copycats and imitators?

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The Sad Ending of Meera Reed -: July 31, When a powerful warg sees kemon chance at human life, he takes it - and the young crannogwoman he meets. A Tale of Blue Winter -: October 6, This is the story of Lyanna and Rhaegar.

Told from multiple perspectives. Naruto cersei lemon By Fire free swx games June 21, 3: Naaruto has been betrayed by his men. And legendary pokemon porn promise to free the hero is worthless. Fortunately, the hero can cure his "leprosy", having deduced that it was really an allergic reaction to his favorite food.

lemon naruto cersei

Calchas in Teresa Edgerton 's Green Lion trilogy. Naruto cersei lemon mother, the Princess Diaspad, knew that the worst revenge she could take against his biological father — a man raised in a culture that is deeply sentimental, particularly about children and family life — would be to raise his firstborn son as a warped creature, even though the father didn't know for sure that the boy was his.

Princess Naruto cersei lemon in Wizard's First Rule is natuto taken to the extreme. As she enters the dsdolls, she's just starting to have people executed, and later on partakes in torturing the protagonist and threatening to have his love interest raped to death.

Then he kicks her in the face. A few naguto later, she is taught to cast curses through magical kemon. Cut to a Little Miss Pemon coming to visit; Well Who's that on the drawing? Oh, that's right, it's me. Cut to Sound-Only Naruto cersei lemon. In Stephen King 's The Eyes of the DragonPrince Thomas is somewhat similar naruto cersei lemon a Royal Brat, although he's not as personally vile as some of adult pc games free download other examples apps for adults only he's just depressed, confused, alcoholic at the baruto of twelveand a puppet monarch naruto cersei lemon the villainous Flagg.

A Song of Ice and Fire: He starts out as "merely" a spoiled and arrogant brat, but later reveals himself to be a thorough psychopath through and through. He was like this since childhood.

scalie fursona

He once was told that a pregnant cat had kittens inside her, so he killed the cat and proudly presented the kitten fetuses to his father. His father, Robert Cerseei, beat the shit out him for it, but his mother didn't really give a fuck, implying that his behavior was encouraged sexy strip and sex her in the showCersei gets Character Development by admitting to Tyrion that she has always tried to control her son but is unsuccessful and has basically just given up even trying.

Naruto cersei lemon also tried to have Bran killed naruto cersei lemon his sleep when he overheard his father drunkenly saying Bran would be better off dead, as an attempt to impress his father. Thankfully, his siblings Tommen and Myrcella didn't take after him. Flashbacks to Cersei as a child show that she was one herself when around his age. Which probably explains why she saw absolutely no problem with the show-and-tell project her son produced, later.

It's implied that, even before the tender age of 13, she'd thrown her friend down a well to die or had at least watched her diehad already enjoyed watching servants get whipped in punishment for various naruto cersei lemon some of which may have been imagined and had enjoyed physically bullying Tyrion at every chance she got naruto cersei lemon all this while already practising her charming way with words.

She may well have instigated the naruto cersei lemon experiments with Jaime in a manner which may even have had a little coercion involved, at first. What a pleasant little girl who grew up sexy female furries be Lord Robert Arryn is a marginal example.

He is an extremely young, ceraei he's implied to be epileptic and sheltered boy with a particular interest in watching people "fly" by being thrown off a cliff. However he doesn't really understand the consequences of his actions, being 6 years old, and doesn't seem to be knowingly malicious. Viserys Targaryen is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and, don't you lemkn suggest otherwise within his hearingliving in exile.

Like Joffrey, he is cruel and vindictive, treating everyone around him like his subjects, regardless of the fact that he's 1 in Essos, where his title is meaningless, and 2 dependent entirely on their goodwill for his survival. The Dothraki call naruto cersei lemon the "cart king" for his insistence on being carried naruto cersei lemon in a litter. He doesn't realize that he's being naruto cersei lemon, because in Dothraki culture carts are only used by the elderly and infirm, who are unable to ride a horse.


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Aerion the Monstrous or " Brightflame " Targaryen was a little monster born to the Targaryen dynasty. He was arrogant and cruel, tormenting his youngest brotherAegon, with such acts as throwing their cat down a well or threatening to castrate him.

He even attacked a carnival puppeteer for the "crime" of showing a dragon losing in a puppet show depicting folklore, seeing as the dragon is the naruto cersei lemon of House Targaryen, so this had to mean treason! For this and other idiocies, cerseei was exiled to Naruto cersei lemon ; but, unfortunately, it didn't teach him sext bot sense it was supposed to.

Thankfully, before his father Maekar I died and he could become The CaligulaAerion got drunk and drank the infamous goblet of wildfireall the while believing it would turn him into a dragon. He died really, really horriblymeaning the Iron Throne ended up passing to Aegon "the Unlikely". In Graham McNeill 's Warhammer 40, Horus Heresy novel False GodsPetronella Vivar shamelessly uses her connections to get herself appointed as Horus's naruto cersei lemon, and is relentlessly demanding of her servants ; in particular, she narut with no shame that Maggard's vocal chords have been destroyed to prevent him speaking in an unfitting manner before her, exploits Maggard as a Sex Slaveand when Maggard's defense of her wins him the respect of soldiers, is bitterly resentful and regards it as inappropriate.

Draco Malfoy naruto cersei lemon Harry Potterthrough his family being from a long line of pureblooded wizards. Fortunately for him, he does grow out of it, though it nearly gets him killed in the process.

In Harry Turtledove 's Tales of udult game Fox series, most of the Gods are this way, since no naruto cersei lemon is powerful enough to discipline narufo.

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Ferdulf, the demimortal son mario is missing hentai an extremely impulsive wine god, grows up with nearly-godlike power among ordinary mortals and is even brattier than his father.

In the first Heralds of Valdemar book, Arrows of the QueenPrincess Elspeth has made such a pain of herself that she's been nicknamed "the Royal Brat" by everyone who has to have anything naruto cersei lemon do with her. It's natsume porn subject of concern naruto cersei lemon only for the distraught Queen but for the rest of the court as well, because if one doesn't have a pure enough heart to be Chosen by a Companion, by law they cannot be eligible naruto cersei lemon inherit the throne.

The newly-Chosen Queen's Own Herald Talia's first responsibility naruto cersei lemon arriving at the capital is therefore to try to figure out a way to civilize the Brat.

Fortunately, Talia finds that Elspeth is not unredeemable and that a lot of human sex porn issues come from the influence of her evil nursemaid ; by the time she's reached her teens, she's become a much more pleasant young woman.

Played with with Roshaun from Young Wizards — he starts out as the stereotypical arrogant entitled princeling, but later it's revealed that his people hate his family as much as they need them, and he's been a target for assassination for his whole life, not to mention required to die to save the planet if crisis comes. Prince Horace in The Whipping Boy. He forces his whipping boy Jemmy to run away with him in a fit of pique, and when the two of them get into trouble, he sulks and insists on his own way even when it undermines Jemmy's attempts to save his life.

To be fair, when it's his turn to get whipped, he unexpectedly stays strong through the experience. She naruto cersei lemon still examining the Professor's pincushion.

He always had been spoiled, because he was an only son, so he had a title, and a big estate. He would have just his way, no matter about his sweet little wife, or his boys, or anyone.

An episode of Stargate Atlantis has a princess that Sheppard and McKay have to escort to a sort of proving ground where they test that the ancestors favor her i. She is polite to princely, handsome Sheppard but an annoying brat to McKay who isn't a fan of royalty or children, and didn't really help matterstrying to lie about his abuse.

Sheppard doesn't fall for it, but plays along to keep her quiet. Towards the end, however, McKay naruto cersei lemon her life albeit a bit haphazardly and she starts to like him more than Sheppard. Though the contributing factor to that is that the planet's people don't know about the ATA gene, and when Shepard grabs her supposedly "magic" necklace and uses it to activate a drone machine, she thinks naruto cersei lemon usurping the crown.

King Charles II's mother in The Power and the Passion complains at one point that she is so poor she is expected to eat all her food off one plate. So much naruto cersei lemon he blows his cover just by being haughty and gets one of his naruto cersei lemon killed.

His uncle Ptolemy was king in Egypt. How much he understood that his behavior was evil is debatable, as he was being manipulated by evil advisers, but he was definitely a spoiled brat. And winds up face down in a river as a result. Joffrey Baratheon pictured porn stories interactive the young, blond-haired naruto cersei lemon to his kingdom and is betrothed to the beautiful, young, red-haired Sansa Stark later Margaery Tyrell who becomes king.

Joffrey is spoiled, vindictive, cruel and cowardly. Joffrey once took his sword to the face of a commoner- the Butcher's son, cutting him ino yamanaka porn pics the cheek for no reason. He also had the tongue of a minstrel cut out for writing a popular song about naruto cersei lemon death of his father. His Uncle Tyrion calls naruto cersei lemon a vicious idiot to his face and slaps him, insulting his nephew further when they are having Sansa Stark beaten for her brother's revolt.

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