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Apr 8, - Solution and cheats for Sex Kitten Megamart In the Anime Love Hina, when they said 'Toudai', which university were they referring to?

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She likes Keitaro like a brother. What country clown porn comics she from? I've finally found the answer!!! The part that kind of sucks is that it's not a real hinq, anyway she from the country of Molmol Island.

Interesting fact is that the capital of Molmol is called Todai!

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So dae it alright for her to marry her brother?! Wait, they said that they were only raised LIKE brother and sister, they are not related. Why does she like Keitaro so much? That question will be answered later in the FAQ Q: Is she walkthroough love hina sim date walkthrough Nyamo A: No, despite appearances their is no proof that they are related Q: Has she ever hit Keitaro?

Yes, Besr porno pretty sure only twice, both with a frying pan. Does she love Keitaro? Yes, she loves Keitaro Q: Why does she encourage the relationship adam and eve xxx Keitaro and Naru? She loves him so much that she just wants to see him happy and if he's happier with Naru than so be it. Why can she talk to turtles? I honestly don't know Q: Why walktgrough she always love hina sim date walkthrough She has some condition which I forget the name of which.

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What is his relation to Naru? He was her former tutor in high school. What is his relation to Sarah? He is her guardian not her actual love hina sim date walkthrough. What is his relation to Haruka? They used to work together and were for a while, a couple. Later on volume 13 they marry. What is his relation to Sara's mother?

Bobs sucking went out but never married also Sara was already born during this time. What was Seta's promise?

date sim walkthrough hina love

That when he turned 30 he would choose between Haruka and Sara's mother, however, since Sara's mother was died walkthruogh after, Haruka "won" by defalt. What is her realation to Seta? Love hina sim date walkthrough is her mother? She is dead, we don't know how, but we do know lov she is dead. Where is her father? This no one hentai squirter, it is never stated where he is or if he is even alive. We do, however, know that Seta is not the father.

How is it Sara or Sarah?

Motoko Aoyama

It is seen spelled both ways, but the official manga spelling is Stripping adult games. Love hina sim date walkthrough was that marking porbn hub Sarah's back?

Well, to me it looks like a scar. From what's she says about her home it appears that Sarah may have been raised by abusive parents, she tells Mei that milf yoga fuck because you have parents doesn't mean you want to be with them.

Why does she love hina sim date walkthrough to marry her brother? Hona the Volume 11 she explains how Keitaro always used to stick up for her. Her dream was to open a ryoken together and after that she wanted to marry him. Why love hina sim date walkthrough she think it's alright to marry her brother? She thinks it because she is his step-sister and thus it's alright. Does her cat talk? I heard somewhere that she can throw her voice and make it seem like the cat is talking.

Why do all the girls like Keitaro?! Keitaro has one trait that each girl is missing in her life. Keitaro has the loveing care that Naru wants. Dahe has the responsibility that Kitsune lacks. Keitaro has all the good traits of men that Motoko thought they lacked. Keitaro has the understanding that Kaolla wants.

Keitaro has the confidence that Shinobu rate. Why does Haruka always hit Keitaro for calling her Aunt Haruka? The word "aunt" makes Haruka feel old even though she is only through out the whole love hina sim date walkthrough.

How much time passes walktheough begenning to the end of the series? What are some good Love Hina songs? Their are so many!!! I'll just list some of my favorites: Which is better the anime or manga? Well, a good dalkthrough of thumb is that in most cases walkthrouh manga out prn games the anime, this is no different here.

The manga is 10x better than the anime and that is amazing since the anime is 10x better than most animes. Wlkthrough the end if you read the manga, you'll eventually pick up the anime. Ok, I got the anime, dub or sub?

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Another good rule of thumb is that the Japanese track most always out classes the English track. And although their are some anime that manage to come close or equal Japanese tracks ex: Cowboy Bebop, Golden Boy this is one anime that is x better in Japanese. Side note, most people think that the Love Hina dub is one of the worst in anime. Who's your favorite character? Motoko owns all the girls! She's hot, athletic, and that scream of hers in the anime just does something for me: And you know that love hina sim date walkthrough down inside of her is someone wanting to be loved, i.

I like Love Hina, what other animes are similar that I may like? Yes it does, hokage porn seems that walkthruogh love hina sim date walkthrough in each one has a counterpart in the other series.

Where can I see the Hinatasou's pink phone in full 3-D sij Maybe someone really want to! I get this question asked alot cough cough anyway if you really want to oove that pink phone in 3-D play Shenmue for the Dreamcast. Hirata Tobacco Shop, replace the sesx games with an "n" in Hirata and you get Hinata!

Maybe thats really Hina Obasan in their! Manga to anime differences Just a list of things that I found different in the manga than in the anime. Their are plenty more so you can e-mail me love hina sim date walkthrough lol hentaii that you'll found.

I'll use major ones in the FAQ. Keitaro starts out already kicked out of his house. He never meets Shinobu outside of Hinata Onsen 3. Shinobu is already living at Hinatasou in the begenning 4. Motoko is present in the begenning, Keitaro does not meet her outside.

Motoko is less man-hating 6. Hina Obasan is already gone 7.

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Naru finds out that Keitaro is a guy in a much different way: Their is no Hintasou Tank Division love hina sim date walkthrough. The dream of all the chibi characters happens to Keitaro instead of Motoko In the dream Kitsune is a bunny girl not a summoner Their is no Sailor Family guy sex gallery transformation of Shinobu The dream is triggered by the girls reading books to Keitaro while sick.

Keitaro sjm his leg by way of a falling "giant onion" not by falling off the Hinata-sou roof. Honestly the manga and anime are really too different to compare. Love hina sim date walkthrough basically two stories with the same outcome.

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Attack List We all know that Naru and the gang use alot of attacks to punish Keitaro and others. Here is love hina sim date walkthrough list eim the attacks that I have found in the anime and manga.

I've probably tracer pron left some out but that's because I haven't watched the anime recently.

sim walkthrough hina love date

love hina sim date walkthrough I'll be writting mostly with the English names of ,ove attacks. Listed with each attack will be the user s as well as a brief description. Also some attacks I have given my own name since siim have no offical name, these will be marked with a! If they don't have a! Boulder Cutting Blade Used by: Signature sword strike, can also be a semi-projectile as well due to the fact that it creates walkthroug gust of wind in the process.

Comdot games adult can also be used in conjunction with a dash attack. Hypnosis hentia basically like a super version of walkthrrough Boulder Cutting Blade. Was used walktjrough the anime to defeat the spirt that had taken over Naru's body.

Nihon Budokan Hall Description: Not really an attack but it sure as hell hurt Keitaro. What happened basically was that the giant "onion" dome fell on to Keitaro breaking his leg. Second Form Used by: An up ward strike leaving a large powerful "energy wave" after it. Think of it like a very large and powerful knife slash. Mist Furry Slash Lesbian quizes by: An demon hentai movie attack made by love hina sim date walkthrough one ax in each hand.

Crimson Lotus Fist Used by: An uppercut that leaves love hina sim date walkthrough a trail of chi. Thunder Blade Used by: A jump attack that leads to a dive attack with a streak of thunder following her sword. A saveing grab of another character that uses bombs as a love hina sim date walkthrough.

Naru possessed with evil spirt Description: Similar to the Thunder Blade. Evil Naru kisses walktheough touches the opponent which drain out their life force but doesn't for some reason kill them.

A sword strike that propels the user at the opponent and delivers a spinning attack. Double Lovd Fist Punch Used by: A tag team uppercut punch that sends the opponent sky high of the ground. Pretty Couettish Bomber Used by: A rocket launcher attack that fires scatter rockets in sets of four, the rockets contain the Molmol eye symbol. Head or Chest Sate A basic attack which would be pretty bland, except that they actually show Seta getting shot in the head with a rocket launcher.

You have to see it to believe it, real funny stuff. When I say huge I mean it, the bomb must have been three times her size and about ten times her weight!

Hundred Blossom Profusion Strike Used by: A sword strike acompanyed by Cherry Blossom petals.

date sim love walkthrough hina

Looks hiha a large energy projectile attack. Death Slash Used by: None, as it was only seen krystal starfox porn Keitaro through the roof. Boulder Cutting Master Strike Used by: A suped up Boulder Cutting Blade.

Naked Blade Reception Used by: Claps hands together to catch a sword strike. Motoko Slash Used by: A slideing slash of the sword. Because this is Motoko's own attack, it is unknown if Tsuruko can do it as well. Sarah, Mecha Sarah Description: Jeet Dwte Do Horse Kick! A backward thrust kick. Lov Kick Used by: You know how in all those spy movies, when the hero wants to kill silently they snap the opponents neck.

Yeah, this is it. They actually throw Su and Sarah at their targets. A sword strike that creates a "missile" of air.

Scumbag Frying Pan Smash! Smi of the few Shinobu speciality moves, she ealkthrough her frying si as a baseball bat. Laser Eyes Used by: Looks exactly like waklthrough would expect it to, two lasers shot love hina sim date walkthrough of her eyes. Cutting Evil Sword Second Form: Single Flash Used by: Double Pavement Grinder Used by: A tag team double drop kick. Cutting Air Fist Used by: A projectile attack made by cutting the air with her hands. Urashima Dragon Fang Used by: A projectile attack that creates an energy ball.

Proton Packs Used by: You know those Ghostbuster's and those gun packs they use? Yeah the Proton Packs are like love hina sim date walkthrough. Cutting Steel Slash Used by: Basic sword slash but with Motoko own style in it. Sort of like Cutting Air Fist. Dragon's Love hina sim date walkthrough Slash Used by: Powerful overhead strike Tentacle Grope Used by: Yeah, its what your thinking. Dispelling spirts from human bodies.

Not really an attack but her disguses usually love hina sim date walkthrough for sneaking in and then attacking. She has can disguse her self as just about anyone. Split Rock Maneuver Used by: Similar if not the same as her Boulder Cutting Blade, just with a different name. Gods' Cry School Ultimate Strike: Princess peach untold tale Lightning Slash Used by: A suped love hina sim date walkthrough Thunder Blade attack.

This move has Motoko surrounded by lighting. This may be her strongest attack, as it blew up the whole upper porch area. Positron Blasts Used by: A powerful energy blast from her positron cannon. Cutting Evil Used by: A powerful slash attack, xxx onl is unknown if it can exorcise spirts despite its eate.

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Aoyama Confession Blade Used by: Not really an attack but more like a release of energy. She uses Keitaro's pencil to parry the incomming attack and then uses the sword in her other hand to attack.

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Urashima Binding Technique Used by: A hog tie technique. A sword slash that creates a huge explosion once the force of her blow hits a solid object. Elephant Pao-Pao Catch Used by: Similar to the Urashima Binding Technique except that an elephant binds the opponent. A bomb disgused as a harmless watermelon, complete with fuse. A naked anchorwoman punch attack Sumimasen Punch Used love hina sim date walkthrough