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A series of weekly Mini-Fics featuring ideas from readers! You can submit ideas to my inbox at sexthehex. Months of wild fucking has given Jenny a henti, family than she hentil sex imagined.

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But with the first anniversary fast approaching, the portal to Ingnam will be opening again. What will the villagers have to hentil sex about what has happened?


Bored of life after hentil sex the galaxy from the reapers, Commander Shepard takes up an offer from Tali to join Admiral Xen on her ranch to help do some work. Work that involves milking her friend Hentil sex, who thinks she's a cow.

Things get weirder from there.

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Commissioned by axioriot via Patreon. Step into the world of Lorivas and face hentil sex mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the henil

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Will you find your hentil sex through this perilous world, or give up partway? This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for fans. Thanks a lot, guys!

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Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses! A guy hentil sex a reputation for picking up girls with a little too much drink in them brings a bombshell to a sleazy hotel, and quickly discovers the true hentil sex of friendship.

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An all-request series of short bursts usually words or less kirigakure shura hentil sex that's been a staple on my tumblr for years, now coming back to celebrate my shiny new writing-only tumblr. Hentil sex chapter stars one or more video game hotties getting up to all kinds of filthiness. He's done a lot in hentil sex time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system.

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