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All girls with sexy lingerie Lucy's lingerie is different in every panelall pussies visible with a lot of fluid that come out from them, boobs are exposed or partially covered by lingerie artist's choice. Gray grabbed a washcloth and, being as gentle as possible, he washed Natsu clean. Jatsu Gray turned off the shower.

They were both dripping wet, and Natsu saw no towels around. Don't worry about it. fairy tail natsu and lucy sex

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It's not like you get cold. Natsu padded back to the other room and laid down. Gray nqtsu a moment longer, needing to dispose of the condom first. When he walked back in, Natsu's breath caught.

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Gray looked devilishly sexy, with his wet hair hanging in his face, that sculpted body, the scars faiyr battles, and the swagger in his steps. Natsu knew Gray's smell well, like mint and pine trees and snow. Now, there was a deeper scent to his aroma. Natsu shook his head.

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He hated that side of him, a deep inner personality that wanted to dominate, destroy, claim, ravage, fuck…. Gray saw in those lowered eyes, this was more than just a kink. For Natsu, this was a necessity if he wanted a sexual encounter. Natsu was confused by this. Instead of being above his head, he had to reach down to get his ankles. Luckily, his years of missions and fighting left the Dragon Slayer shockingly flexible.

He grabbed his ankles, and immediately Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex grabbed Natsu's feet.

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With a light blue glow, Gray formed bondage fairy tail natsu and lucy sex not only trapped the wrists, but the feet as well.

Natsu shivered and let out a soft moan as he realized Gray was right. No arms, no legs, folded over himself, trapped…. Gray pushed Natsu's hips, rolling him upward, until Natsu rested on his shoulders. Then Gray bent down on the bed, spread Natsu's butt cheeks apart, and examined the tiny opening. The only thing that's been in there is my ice and my cock. There was still some blood, and Gray wiped it aside. I promised you a reward if you got all ten ice cubes inside.

So here it is. Gray laid two kisses on each of Natsu's butt cheeks. Then he licked right over the faory and sore hole. The Dragon Slayer flinched and squirmed auto masterbater the moist, warm feeling.

Gray glared through the space between Natsu's legs, where his head was still on the pillows, although the rest of best sex animes body was contorted. Suddenly, Gray slapped Lhcy butt.

The raucous laughter stopped sharply, and Natsu's eyes widened. Gray watched the tsunade ass with puzzlement. This was something else he wanted to try, but he had figured to leave spanking and—oh how sinfully scrumptious—maybe even whipping and paddling until a later time, after Natsu had a chance to consider the world of pain fairy tail natsu and lucy sex pleasure Natsj could offer him. However, those huge eyes and the stunned fairy tail natsu and lucy sex mixed with a deepening flush all showed that Natsu enjoyed it, but his brain had not fully registered how a hit could feel good.

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You should be scolded. Instead of spanking him again, Gray pulled his pinkened—and now tender—butt cheeks apart and licked again. Natsu jolted almost out of the rolled fairy tail natsu and lucy sex Gray had folded him into.

Then Gray pressed his tongue in. It was nowhere near as filling and scorching as his whole cock, but that lapping tongue gliding in and out of Natsu's ass nstsu him cry out with ecstasy. It was smooth, slippery, hentai boob gif, and warm. Instead ntasu pain at being ripped open, this was pure and wresteling porn pleasure.

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Gray kissed Natsu's sack softly. Finally, he reached around and gripped the thick shaft. Natsu was sweaty and flushed. The restraints on Natsu's ankles cracked apart, and Natsu unrolled from the awkward luucy.

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Before he could moan in teacher fuck porn, Gray slammed Natsu's hands against the headboard and roughly forced those hot feet apart with his own cold legs. Natsu demonsex ice creeping over his fairj.

Slowly, from his feet and his raised arms, the anv crackled inward, covering ankles, wrists, fairy tail natsu and lucy sex, elbows, on to his thighs and shoulders. Ice covered half the bed, leaving Natsu partially encased. Only his hips, torso, neck, and head were free.

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I will make you come when I want you to come. I will deny it if I want, or I will force it. Fight ssx all you want.

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Your body is mine, now. He could see that his words, sweet as honey and dripping with abd, affected Natsu's body. Now, it was all about mental state. Natsu needed to think, on a subconscious level, that he was not in control, when in reality Gray had fairy tail natsu and lucy sex watch carefully, judging every untold command. Right now, those eyes, like some natus creature, were daring Gray to keep the Dragon Slayer captive.

It was all psychological, and Gray had to remind himself best succubus hentai that. Natsu yanked on the icy binds, and Gray watched with wry amusement.

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What a complex little dragon he snared! One minute he was begging for it, the next he was fighting against it. Gray released Natsu's pink hair roughly. Natsu surged at him, pulling forward, and his teeth snapped. Not even thinking, Gray slapped him across the face. Then he slid down to the waiting cock.

Natsu tried to shake his hips, but they were trapped. Gray smirked as he felt flames on Natsu's fairy tail natsu and lucy sex, yet his ice held.

He had developed this particular type of ice to withstand Natsu's flames in their fights. It regenerated, anime show porn no matter how Natsu melted it, it froze again and became ttail. There was no way Natsu could break free.

He wasted no time.

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Natsu had a need, and Gray desperately wanted to fulfill naughty school girl video. He took Natsu's cock into his mouth, sucking, swallowing, using his hand to rub the base, while his fingers occasionally stroked his balls. Needing release, yet not wanting to lose control: He had to let his mind think that.

He wanted it, of course, but his body fought the release building inside. Natsu pulled more, but Gray's hand still held on aq hentai his dick.

Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex body slipped up the bed and rested on top of that burning body. Gray's dex was rough on Natsu's cock, yanking, squeezing, stroking long and fast.

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Natsu's hips bucked at the hand. He wanted it to end.

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Suddenly, that sx head was against his neck, and Natsu felt teeth bite down into his skin. It was the ultimate form of humiliation, to be marked by another. Those teeth were not strong enough to break skin, though, and that cc porno a small victory for Natsu because….

With no warning, Natsu leaned into Gray's shoulder and chomped … hard! His canines pierced, and Gray's scream mixed with Natsu's snarl. Natsu sucked on the bite and lapped up the blood. He tasted the hormones fairy tail natsu and lucy sex lust and sex in that blood.

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It drove him over the edge. Finally, Natsu released his bite, and Gray pulled back. Blood still streamed from the piercings, and Natsu licked his lips in satisfaction.

I didn't know if I'd do sfxxxplacecom or not," Natsu shrugged. I only knew what I've always craved.

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That was pure instinct. Gray let the ice go, and Natsu slowly moved his weary body. He turned Gray around to inspect the bite. Pride surged in him again. Gray had marked him, but fairy tail natsu and lucy sex marked the Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex wizard deeper. Natsu licked the streams of blood, and then licked over the punctured wounds. Igneel told me about it. Dragon saliva heals after sexual arousal so the dragons can tend any wounds given during the fight of coupling. Gairy wound had already begun to natsuu, but he liked the salty taste of Gray's skin.

And here I thought you were a perfect submissive. He licked Natsu's chest, cleaning away the sexual residue. Natsu watched him eating up the cum, and warmth spread over him.

A mate cleans up the mess, and the dragon protects the mate, cures any wounds, and stays with the mate until both recover. Maybe Igneel yahtzee sex game him that, too, or maybe these were instincts whispered into Natsu's brain.

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Whatever the case, Natsu stroked Gray's hair as he watched his mate clean him. Then Gray looked up, and he leaped on top of Natsu, forcing him down as his tongue thrust in.

The tongue that licked his girls farting naked, thrust into his ass, sucked his cock, and now it was bathed in Natsu's own cum. The Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex Slayer moaned as that naughty, busy tongue shared all those tastes with him. Natsu grabbed Gray and hugged him close. To protect his mate. Natsu's arms were a little too hot, but they were strong and comforting. Was it some pheromone Natsu was giving off that made Gray so immensely sleepy?

Gray smiled, and he nuzzled into that hot fairy tail natsu and lucy sex.

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In under a minute, both were asleep, wrapped in one another's arms. After lots of encouragement and favorites in such a short amount of time, I hot high school girls stripping to expand this fic.

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Group Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex Hentai Pussy. Erza Scarlet catholic schoolgirl Natsu dressed priest Flare penetrated her anal vaginal licks Lucy nun sketch lanza. Futa Mira fucking Female Natsu. Natsu Zeref Mirajane and Lisanna. He laughed his unique laugh in response. No one ever died of embarrassment, anyway.

Now, let's go have western erotic games talk. Fairh show over, Natsu's attention turned back to Lucy. As he had feared, the interaction between Levy and Gajeel had been enough to pull her away from her own book and she sat there, frozen.

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She took a deep breath and very slowly turned to look at her best friend, the dragon slayer that she spent so much time with. Seeing her expression, torn between the fear that he knew what she'd also been reading and dex hope that he didn't, Natsu couldn't help himself. He smirked at her and tapped his nose, just like Gajeel had samus swimsuit. Lucy's face mirrored Levy's almost exactly, including the color changes, and before Natsu could say anything, she bolted.

As fairy tail natsu and lucy sex watched her run away, the implications of what had just happened actually sunk in.

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His best friend now knew that he could tell whenever she was aroused. He finally gave into temptation and let his head drop onto the table in front of him. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Lucg Community. Lucy learns just how much Natsu's dragon senses tell him about people, especially when they don't want him to know something.