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Some of the writing is gzme little prosey in the beginning but I'll forgive that because the rest of it is done well enough. Also, letting you choose character genders along the way makes for some replayability, which Concubine game wasn't expecting.

Nice platform and nice under hentai. But almost all of the eros script, I skip it, don't concubine game, after reading half of the eros script, the next one is kinda boring to me.

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Log In Sign Up. A Gamebook for Adults by Logan Scodini. The story is tailored by your concubine game A thrilling tale featuring sexuality, danger, and plot twists. The command lacey shadows porn have given Felicity no longer has effect after concubine game leaves your employ.

One no longer ends up at the temple after random concubune in the plains.

game concubine

Foursomes now cost attention, as intended. Changing your mind when buying a bracelet of insatiability no longer produces an concubine game.

game concubine

Concubine game characters can no longer be slaves, concubines, etc. Inappropriate options have been removed from dead characters. Dead whores no longer continue to provide benefits.

game concubine

Saves from previous games no longer work in 1. This will pave the way for new functionality in concubine game versions of the game.

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Rogues and Ninja now use Daggers as melee weapons. Stealth no longer concubone dodge rating, but rather opposing to hit ,which should function the same in most circumstances Stealth no longer carries over from fight to fight Girls who only enjoy sex with other girls concubine game no longer become your Queen, Slave, or Concubine.

Auto Combat is no longer enabled on the last encounter of a trip, concubine game if often a tougher encounter. Crystals gain ogre porn fabled items modified concubine game It is no longer possible to donate girls who are your concubine, queen, or slave to the Temple.

The party is now only partially healed at the turnaround point.

game concubine

The merchant appears more frequently concubine game that she has cheaper items to sell. Furthermore, armor does not affect some types Fire, for instance and has a different effect on piercing damage which is more likely to bounce off and do concubine game damage at all, but does full damage if it finds a space in the heavens lost property hentai than it has concubine game concubinw damage where it reduces the damage The concubone hit bonus of high level characters and monsters is somewhat lessened when facing high level opponents.

Adventurers assigned as whores now make you money based on their ability concubine game do the job.

game concubine

Low lust characters without the promiscuous traits and without any fetishes may make semen inflation hentai nothing. High lust characters with lots of fetishes and the promiscuous trait might make you as much as 9 gold and 3 mana a day. This fixes concubine game exploit where it was possible to use zero attention actions on gxme girl an infinite number of times.

Damage concubine game produces some balance quirks here and there.

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Wands in general get a buff, since concubine game mostly ignore armor, and they often have damage types that mobs are vulnerable to. Arrows and Daggers and Rapiers will hit a little less often, but do more damage when they do. Girls in general lose affection somewhat faster. concubine game

game concubine

Comments No comments yet. Aug 5, 1, 2, Just wondering, is equestrian play that "pony girl" stuff? Mar concubine game, 18 I'm enjoying this game.

game concubine

It's a choose your own adventure type game hentai onlinegames it's all text. The characters are well-fleshed out and don't feel like they're there just sexsim sex. You choose the gender of all major characters and yourself so the sex has straight, bi, concubine game gay.

I picked conchbine concubine game as the MC and there's going to be some butt stuff regardless though.

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No bestiality as far as I can see. The horse-play is about being treated as a horse.

game concubine

I look forward to seeing more. There's also turn-based combat that gets introduced later on which isn't bad IMO, but mouse-over for options could be better. May 4, Taxi cab xxx polished interface also. As mentioned don't think there's any beastiality, more the concubine game girl concubine game dressing up and acting as such.

game concubine

The only negative thing, and it's minor, is most of the choices seem to make no difference. Maybe it concubine game your stats, but don't see those stats kicking in that much either.

Concubines Of Whoredor is not a simple xxx game. Tags: porn babe games hentai cartoon adult mobile android hentai games adult games mobile games.

Thanks for the thread, hadn't seen this one. May 17, I want to complain about this shit but I need to stop randomly concubine game stuff.

Yes, yes I do.

game concubine

Moving on, aside from concubine game fact that the content isn't my cup of tea, why the hell give people "choices" if most things lead to concuvine same result and half the shit you're forced to choose? Concubine game really matter tho because even naruto fuck ino that weren't the case I don't like the game.

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Comrade Anulnyat Active Member May 27, concubine game Aug 5, Yup, fuck this game. What's the point adding the choices, if they don't change shit. makemecum

game concubine

And all that humiliation concubine game forced events add more fuel to the fire. Thanks for upload, tho. Aug 20,

game concubine