10 Best Food Delivery Near Me Apps 2018

food deliveryFood delivery near me apps is beginning to evolve into a big deal. This means that it is no longer limited to pizza. Furthermore, it is not only limited to calling up restaurants to order your desired dish. Today consumers can place their orders from apps on their phones in a convenient way. There are many food delivery near me apps that are being established on a global scale with the primary focus of delivering food to clients’ doorsteps from restaurants. The food delivery industry is estimated to be worth $10 billion and is on an upward trend. Most of these companies are characterized by decent drivers, infrastructure and software.

The following are the top 10 food delivery near me apps:


This is a food delivery app that is considered to be more mature. It supports more than 300 cities that are located in 32 markets. This service has a Yum score on restaurants. DoorDash factors factor in things like quality of food as well as timely delivery. DoorDash has partnerships with many popular restaurants.


This food delivery app is highly rated in Europe. It supports an array of European countries such as Ireland, Germany, France and UK. It allows users to easily order and provides a timely delivery. In fact, it has an impressive delivery time of 32 minutes. The app boasts of an aesthetic design.


It is a very popular food delivery app that has among the largest footprints compared to any other food delivery service. It supports over 30000 restaurants and 1500 cities. This app features a handy Yelp integration. In addition, users benefit from Android Pay support, PayPal and Android Wear support.


This is a leading food delivery app that comfortably supports 24 countries in total, 26,000 restaurants and 450 cities. Its services are mainly focused around Northern Africa, Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Foodpanda has a live tracking feature to view the progress of food.


This is a popular food delivery app with a footprint over 1100 cities spread all over the United States. The app has features like a ratings system, PayPal Support, Android Pay support and a simple search. It even allows users to pre-order food 4 days in advance. The app is designed to issue users with notifications in case there is a change in their order.


This is among the best and unique food delivery apps that delivers groceries to consumers. It supports stores such as Costco, Petco and Whole Foods. They deliver everything from the user’s list. It currently supports just a few cities.


This is an Uber product. It uses existing infrastructure for food delivery. The app supports several cities all over the world. It operates by the user placing a delivery order and it gets delivered by an Uber driver.


This app has close to 12000 restaurants in the 48 United States. It features live order tracking within the app and provides rewards.


This food delivery app supports more than 15000 restaurants in close to 1100 cities. It incorporates discounts and coupons to allow the user to benefit from low delivery prices. It deals with all kinds of cuisine.

Papa Johns

This app enables users to make orders for pizza. It displays the specials that are currently on offer and their locations. Papa Johns allows users to order pizza in a simple as well as hassle free manner because there is no need to create an account.


The food delivery apps listed above are highly rated due to their fast delivery times, ease of use and wide coverage. Try using one today to enjoy the convenience that you have been missing out on.