Top 10 best food delivery restaurants near Apex NC

Food Delivery Near Me Apex NCYour search for “Food Delivery Near Me Apex NC” has over here. I have made a curated list of 10 food delivery restaurants near Apex NC.

The best thing? All of this food delivery restaurants provide fast delivery, top notch customer service, and delicious foods.

Let’s Begin.

Top 10 food delivery restaurants near Apex NC

1.Namoli’s NY Pizzeria

Namoly’s NY Pizzeria provides tasty handmade pizzas and Italian food. The food quality of this restaurant’s food is top-notch. Namoly’s NY Pizzeria’s special dishes including excellent Cheese steak sub and great alfredo pizza. The users have given the positive rating for the fast food delivery and its classic tasty food.

Opening time: 11 AM

Address of Namoli’s NY Pizzeria: 5444 Apex Peakway, Apex, NC 27502-3924

2.Johnny’s Pizza

Johnny’s Pizza also provides classic Italian food and pizzas. Their service is par with its competitors. They provide big size NY style pizzas which just makes your day. Some of their best food includes Johnny’s White pizza and the Margherita pizza.

Opening time: 10 AM

Address of Johnny’s Pizza: 8759 Holly Springs Rd, Apex, NC 27539-9194

3.China Chef

If you are looking for Chinese food restaurant, then China Chef is one of the best Chinese food makers. China Chef maintains the original essence of Chinese food. They make fresh food with fresh ingredients.Some Chinese citizens say that it reminded them of their home food. One of Best food? Chicken Cashew

Opening Time: 11 AM

Address of China Chef: 930 US 64 Hwy W, Apex, NC 27523-7184

4.Anna’s Pizzeria

Top class Anna’s Pizzeria make delicious Italian food and specialised in pizza. Anna’s pizzas are exceptional in quality and feel just right. Their food delivery is fast and provides value for money. Anna’s Pizzeria favorite dish is lasagna. Something you should try with pizza.

Opening Time: 11 AM

Address of Anna’s Pizzeria: 100 N Salem St, Apex, NC 27502-1428

5.Sushi IWA

As the word suggests, they are master at Sushi. They provide ample varieties of Sushi in Sushi IWA. Sushi is the famous dish from East Asian countries like Japan. Sushi IWA’s The Orange chicken and Shrimp Fried rice are best in best.

Opening Time: 11 AM

Address of Sushi IWA: 2026 Creekside Landing Dr, Apex, NC 27502-3982

6.Sweet Cheeks Bakery

Now if you are looking for cakes option for your food then Sweet Cheeks Bakery is my favorite. They are friendly and has tons of cake options available. Some of the best cakes they offer are Butter Pound Cake, Carrot Cake, And Toasted Coconut cake.

Opening Timing: 10 AM

Address of Sweet Cheeks Bakery: 803 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27502-2177

7.The Pizza Dude

The Pizza Dude provides Italian and Delicatessen food. They are famous for their more prominent size tastier pizzas. Their x large size pizza and pie are delicious to eat. They can customize your order as per your requirement.

Opening time: 11 AM

Address of The Pizza Dude: 1763 W Williams St, Apex, NC 27523-9315

8. J & S New York Pizza

J & S New York Pizza makes fantastic New York and Chicago size pizzas. Their pizzas make you feel good. J & S New York Pizza also has an option of Buffet.

Opening Time: 11 AM

Address of J&S New York Pizza: 540 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27502-2151

9.Salem Street Pub

Salem Street Pub provides the wide variety of dishes from the burger, fries to pizzas and vegetarian dishes. They provide quality meat and cheese pretzel bun sliders are best.

Opening Time: 11 AM

Address of Salem Street Pub: 113 N Salem St, Apex, NC 27502-1427


IHOP provides great food with fast delivery. IHOP is more like brunch, i.e., breakfast + lunch. The pancakes and coffee are great in IHOP.

Opening Timings: 7AM-10AM

Address of IHOP: 1150 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex, NC 27502-3919

Those are my top curated list of food delivery near Amex NC. The listed food delivery restaurants include dishes from Italian food, Chinese food to vegetarian food.

Your turn, Let me know in comments your experience with this food delivery restaurants.