Food Delivery Near Me Alexandria LA

Food Delivery Near Me Alexandria LAWhere can I find restaurants that provide food delivery near me? Here you can find some of the restaurants that provide the customers with Food Delivery Near Me Alexandria LA:

1. Pizza Hut(1819 MacArthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71301)-Of course pizza first. Who would not love a big delicious pizza after a long day or at sleepovers pizza is always the answer to make everyone happy. Pizza Hut makes it possible. There are different tastes of pizzas you can order there. For vegetarians and nonvegetarians. And all the prices are affordable and worth the money. Except for the pizza you can order Pasta, Sides, Drinks and even Desserts.

2. Po-Boy Express(1305 Windsor PI, Alexandria)-Perfect place to other that perfect salad. Making healthy choices now it is now that hard. Seafood Platters, party treats, kids menu, different types of delicious salads are in the menu of Po-Boy.

3. Subway(3748 Macarthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71301)-It is no surprise that the famous food brand has the option to bring the ordered food to your house. Delicious, fresh and healthy sandwiches can be in your way by just ordering online. You can even find other types of foods and delicious ones like Salads, Fresh veggies for Kids, Different sides, fresh fit choices etc.

4. Chick-Fil-A(3437 Masonic Dr, Alexandria, LA 71301)-Another restaurant very loved by its customers that it offers food delivery. The main menu contains the different type of foods including desserts, drinks, sides. You can also order packed meals and healthy salads too. The prices are affordable and worth the money for the food.

5. Taco Bueno(MacArthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71303)-Who does not love Tacos?The fact that you can eat them without even trying to get out of your comfort zone makes them more delicious. This restaurant offers you this opportunity. You can choose Combo Meals, Burritos, Soups and Salads (Taco Soups), and of course Tacos. They are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week and their service fee costs $4. 50. The prices of the food are affordable.

6. Panda Restaurant(2401 MacArthur, Alexandria La)- Whenever you want to try something new, to try a different taste you can order it in Panda Restaurant. And that is because they offer a rich menu including a different type of foods. Specialities with eggs are the main dish of the restaurant. Also, chicken and beef are perfectly cooked. The delivery of food is fast and the food is worth the money.

7. Carino’s Italian Grill(Macarthur La 71303)-Here is a restaurant for Italian’s food lovers that offer food delivery option to their customers. Their Menu includes Italian dishes cooked in the best way. Soups, Salads, Pizzas, Classic Italian Pastas and Grilled Food. Also, traditional Italian’s dishes are included in the Menu. The prices are very good and are worth the money because you will taste something you never tried before and it will make your heart melt.

8. Peking Chinese Restaurant(3726 S MacArthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71302)-Here is another type of restaurant. A Chinese restaurant that is offering food delivery. Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Soups, Fried rice, House Specialities and of course Healthy Choices are in this restaurant’s menu. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and provide a fast delivery to your house.

9. Buds and Blooms(3173 Masonic Dr, Alexandria LA)- An unique restaurant. Their bouquet list includes Teleflora’s Glorious Day, Possibly Pink, Joyful Jubilee, Sunny Smiles, Uniquely Chic. The prices in this restaurant are quite expensive because of their unique dishes.

10. Cottage Restaurant(1434 Dorchester Alexandria LA)-Another restaurant that brings their food to your home. You can order Burgers(for different tastes), Sandwiches, Salads, Soups and Homemade Desserts. The prices are affordable and they provide a fast delivery.